Domestic Services to
Keep the House Humming

When mobility is limited, housework can quickly fall by the wayside. Our trusted companions give seniors someone to spend time with at home, running errands and social visits. We offer a range of services that include:

  • Home duties such as, house cleaning, laundry services, meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Assist in home projects like gardening, organizing, sorting and cataloguing for storage or moving purposes
  • Provide transportation and assistance at family events or to visit friends, and accompany seniors at medical appointments

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Professional Services

Our team works together with seniors, families, and healthcare providers to evaluate a resident’s current situation and make recommendations for care that will boost their quality of life. Our circle of care team can include:

  • Professional nursing services
  • Pharmacy partnerships
  • Doctor referrals and visits
  • Realtors & financial advisors during transition

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Personal Care Services

Personal care assistants are there to lend a helping hand while ensuring the dignity and comfort of each person we serve. Personal care services include:

  • Restroom assistance and dressing
  • Tooth brushing, denture care and bathing
  • Hair care
  • Medication and medical assistance including blood sugar monitoring and ostomy care
  • Other services based on need or request

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